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Pausing and Resuming a Cluster Gateway
Pausing a Cluster Gateway
Resuming a Cluster Gateway
You can temporarily halt the flow of documents from a cluster gateway to a remote cluster by pausing the cluster gateway. When you pause a cluster gateway, the gateway locks the forward queues that it maintains for the remote cluster. This pauses the flow of documents on all the gateway Brokers. This action prevents the remote cluster from retrieving documents from this cluster gateway.
No documents are lost when you pause a cluster gateway. The forward queue on the cluster gateway continues to accumulate documents for the remote cluster, but these documents will not flow to the other cluster until the cluster gateway is resumed.
Be aware that pausing a cluster gateway halts the flow of outbound documents (documents that originated from the cluster on which the cluster gateway resides and are being forwarded to subscribers in the remote cluster). It does not prevent that cluster gateway from receiving documents from the remote cluster. To halt the flow of inbound documents, you must pause the cluster gateway in the remote cluster, too.
Administrators often pause a cluster gateway when the cluster hosting the cluster gateway is undergoing service or significant configuration changes. For example, if you intend to make numerous changes to document types or permissions, you might pause the cluster to ensure that all the changes are propagated to the other cluster at one time.