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Deleting a Cluster Gateway
To remove a cluster gateway established between two clusters, you delete each member of the cluster gateway pair. If you do not control the remote cluster, you should coordinate the removal of the remote cluster gateway with the administrator of the remote Broker.
If you delete a cluster gateway, all documents that are currently queued for the remote cluster gateway are deleted.
After one side of the cluster gateway is deleted, the other side should be deleted promptly. Otherwise, it will continue to accumulate documents in its forward queue and can eventually consume a considerable amount of memory and queue storage.
It is not easy to restore a cluster gateway after you remove it. To restore the cluster gateway, you must recreate the cluster gateway, and manually reconfigure the "allow forward" and "allow receive" permissions.
*To delete a cluster gateway connection
1. In My webMethods: Messaging > Broker Clusters > Cluster Gateways.
2. In the Cluster Gateways List, select the check box beside the cluster gateways you want to delete.
3. Click Delete.
If the other member of a cluster gateway pair is not under your control, the administrator of the remote cluster gateway must perform similar steps to remove the remote cluster gateway.