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Copying and Pasting Clients
Keep the following points in mind when copying clients between Brokers:
*You must have access to the source and target Brokers.
*You can only copy a client to the target Broker if the client group to which the client belongs already exists on the target Broker. In turn, you can only copy a client group to a target Broker if the document types to which the client group has can-publish and can-subscribe permissions already exist on the target Broker.
*To copy and paste clients between Brokers
1. In My webMethods: Messaging > Broker Server s > Clients.
2. On the Client List tab, in the Client ID column, select the check box next to the name of the each client that you want to copy. If the client does not appear in the list, use the search functionality to locate it.
3. Click Copy.
My webMethods copies the selected clients.
4. Click Paste. The Client List dialog box appears.
5. Under Select Target to Paste, select the Broker Server and Broker on which to paste the copied clients.
6. Click Paste.