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Before Disconnecting a Session
Keep the following points in mind before you disconnect a session:
*If you disconnect all the active sessions for a client, you effectively disconnect the client program from the Broker.
*If you disconnect the last session to a client with a destroy on disconnect lifecycle, Broker deletes the client.
*If you disconnect the last session for a client with an explicit destroy lifecycle, the client remains. The client program can reconnect to the client at a future time.
*Any transactions currently executing within the session will be affected. The way in which a transaction is impacted depends on the state of the transaction at the time of the disconnection. In general, any open transactions (transactions that are not completed or prepared), will be aborted.
*Any unacknowledged guaranteed documents that the client program retrieved from the client queue will be made available for redelivery when the client session is disconnected. A client program with an active session to the client can retrieve those documents again.
If an explicit destroy client disconnects for a long period of time, documents can begin to accumulate in memory and potentially cause the Broker to run out of resources. Make sure that explicit destroy clients retrieve their documents frequently, especially if their subscription volume is high.