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Managing Sessions
Viewing Session Information
Viewing Detailed Session Information
About Disconnecting Sessions
A session represents a connection between an active client program and a client. A client program typically has one active session to a client.
A client can have multiple concurrent sessions if the client is configured as a shared-state client. A shared-state client allows multiple sessions, possibly involving clients on multiple hosts, to share the same client state, including its client ID, subscriptions, and queue. By default, each client is configured to allow only one active session. For more information about shared-state clients, see Shared State Clients.
Broker assigns each connection between a client program and the client object a unique session identifier.
Using My webMethods, you can monitor and manage sessions to a client by:
*Viewing session statistics, such as the time a client program last established a session with a client. For more information about session statistics, see Viewing Client Statistics.
*Viewing a list of active sessions to the client.
*Viewing detailed information about a session including encryption information.
*Disconnecting a session.
The following sections provide more details about these activities.