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Copying and Pasting Documents
You can add existing documents to a queue by copying and pasting the documents from another client queue. For example, you might want to copy a document from the dead letter queue into the queue of the client that you want to process the document.
*To add documents to a queue by copying and pasting
1. In My webMethods: Messaging > Broker Server s > Clients.
2. Copy the documents you want to paste into the queue. You can copy documents from the following locations:
*The Browse Queue tab of any client
*The Outgoing Documents tab of a test client
*The Incoming Documents tab of a test client
3. Click Clients at the top of the current My webMethods page.
4. In the Client List, click the client ID for the client in whose queue you want to paste the copied documents.
5. On the Client Details page, click the Browse Queue tab.
6. Click Insert Documents.
7. Click Add Document.
8. Click the Paste Documents tab.
9. Next to Where to Paste, select an option to indicate whether you want to insert the documents at the beginning or end of the insert documents list.
10. Click Paste. If the client group to which the client belongs does not have can-subscribe permissions for one or more of the documents in the file, My webMethods displays the following message:
Documents pasted. However, some documents were not pasted because their document type didn't have can-subscribe permission.
11. Proceed to Inserting Documents for information about inserting documents into the queue.