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Saving Client Queue Documents to a File
You can save documents located on the Browse Queue tab to a file. You might want to save one or more of these documents for the following reasons:
*To maintain copies of one or more documents in the queue before you delete the document or clear the queue.
*To use the document for testing purposes later. For example, you might want to save the document and publish it with a test client.
*To modify the document and then reinsert it into the queue.
When saving a document that contains a large amount of binary data to an XML file, My webMethods encodes the binary data using base 64 encoding. Consequently, it might take a long time to save a document to an XML file.
*To save client queue documents to a file
1. Browse the queue to locate the documents you want to save. For information about browsing queue contents, see Browsing a Client Queue.
2. On the Browse Queue tab, select the check box next to the documents that you want to save to a file.
3. Click Save to File. My webMethods displays the Export Documents page, which identifies the documents that will be saved to a file.
4. Click Save to File. The Internet browser prompts you to open the file or save the file to disk.
5. Select the option to save the file to disk. Enter a name and location for the exported documents and save the file.
6. On the Export Documents page, click Back to return to the Client Details page.