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Client Lifecycle
The lifecycle property determines whether the Broker maintains state information for a client after a disconnection. The lifecycle settings are:
*Explicit destroy. Maintains the Broker client's state object when the client disconnects. The client continues to receive documents in its queue, even though it is not actively connected. Use this setting for applications that need to maintain state information in the Broker between connections; for example, if a network or system failure occurs.
For example, a webMethods Integration Server uses the explicit destroy lifecycle so that documents that update the database are not lost if the Integration Server is not running. When the Integration Server is not running, the Broker queues documents for it; the Integration Server retrieves the documents when it restarts.
*Destroy on disconnect. Broker automatically destroys client state object information whenever the connection between the client and Broker is terminated, thus losing all knowledge of the client. With this setting, the state of a Broker client exists for the duration of the client's connection to the Broker.
Use this setting for applications that do not need to maintain state information in the Broker between connections.
If an explicit destroy client disconnects for a long period of time, documents can begin to accumulate in memory and potentially cause the Broker to run out of resources. Make sure that explicit destroy clients retrieve their documents frequently, especially if their subscription volume is high.