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Creating a Client Group
When you create a client group, you are also configuring several default property settings for any client that will join the group. You must have a client group created and defined before you can add clients.
Following is a summary of the high-level steps to follow when creating a client group:
1. Assign a client group name, description, lifecycle, and client queue storage type to the client group. See Creating a Client Group below for instructions.
2. Determine the document types to which the client group can publish and subscribe. See Adding Document Type Permissions for Client Groups for instructions.
3. Optionally, configure ACLs for the client group. You must have configured the Broker Server for basic authentication or SSL authentication before you configure ACLs.
*To create a client group
1. In My webMethods: Messaging > Broker Server s > Client Groups.
2. On the Client Groups page, click Add Client Group.
3. On the Add Client Groups page, enter the following information.
Broker Server
Select the Broker Server for the client group from list.
Select the Broker to which you want to add the client group from the list.
Client Group Name
Enter a name for the new client group.
For information about the naming restrictions for client groups, see the appendix "Parameter Naming Rules" in the webMethods Broker Client Java API Programmer’s Guide.
Client Group Description
Optional. Enter a brief description of the client group.
Queue Storage Type (Lifecycle)
Determine the default storage type for client queues and how the Broker deals with a client's state upon disconnection (the properties are set as a pair). If you do not make a selection, Broker sets the default values to Guaranteed (explicit destroy).
For more information, see Client Queue Storage Type and Client Lifecycle.
4. Click Add.