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Using Territories
Creating a New Territory
Adding a Broker to an Existing Territory
Removing a Broker from a Territory
Getting Territory Information
Listing Brokers in a Territory
Obtaining Territory Statistics
Maintaining a Connection Between Brokers in a Territory
Setting Territory Security
The webMethods Broker systems allows two or more Brokers to share information about their event type definitions and client groups. This sharing of information enables communication between Broker clients connected to different Brokers. The figure below shows how an event published by a client program connected to Broker_1 can be received by a client program connected to either Broker_1, Broker_2, or Broker_3.
A Broker can be a member of no more than one territory. However, territories can be linked together using territory gateways. For more information, see Using Territory Gateways.
Broker-to-Broker communication
To share information and forward events, Brokers must join a territory. A Broker can only belong to one territory and all Brokers within the same territory have knowledge of one another's event type definitions and client groups. For more information on this feature, see Administering webMethods Broker .