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Static Gateway Forwarding
The static gateway forwarding feature ensures consistent document flow across a gateway between two territories at all times. Documents defined by the gateway permissions list are allowed to flow over the gateway. Once static gateway forwarding is enabled, the documents are forwarded to the remote territory at all times, regardless of any client subscriptions on the remote territory.
Essentially, the static gateway forwarding feature force feeds documents to the remote territory. When there are no subscribers on the remote territory, forwarded documents will be dropped at the gateway peer of the remote territory. Disabling static gateway forwarding resumes the normal behavior of subscription based gateway forwarding.
The static gateway forwarding feature is only supported on a webMethods Broker Version 6.1 Service Pack 4 and later. The Brokers on the other end of the gateway can be of any version. In addition, you cannot enable static gateway forwarding on a Broker that is either not in a territory or does not have a gateway to the specified remote territory.
To enable static gateway forwarding, use the BrokerAdminClient.setStaticGatewayForwarding method and set enable to true.
To check the status of the static gateway subscription set on a remote territory from the current Broker, execute the BrokerAdminClient.getStaticGatewayForwarding method.
For more information about static gateway forwarding, see Administering webMethods Broker .