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Using Territory Gateways
Creating and Destroying Gateways
Setting Shared Event Types
Listing Local Gateways
Listing All Gateways
Managing Event Types
Obtaining Gateway Statistics
Maintaining a Connection Between Gateway Brokers
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Static Gateway Forwarding
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Setting Territory Gateway Security
Though the webMethods Broker systems restricts a Broker to membership in more than one territory at a time, you can configure a territory gateway to enable event forwarding between different territories. A Broker may act as a gateway to a single territory or to multiple territories.
The next figure shows a territory gateway between Broker_1 and Broker_2 that effectively joins the two territories. The territory gateway allows an event published by a client program connected to Broker_1, a member of territory A, to be forwarded through the territory gateway and be received by a client program connected to Broker_3, a member of territory B.
Territory gateway communication