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Managing Event Types
The BrokerAdminClient.getClusterGatewaySharedEventTypes method lets you obtain information about all the event types that are shared between two cluster gateway Brokers. This method returns an array of BrokerSharedEventTypeInfo objects which describe all of the shared event types.
The BrokerAdminClient.setClusterGatewaySharedEventTypes method allows you to set the complete list of shared event types for a cluster gateway. The is_synchronized variable in each element of infos will be ignored.
To configure gateway event type sharing, first save the can-subscribe settings on both sides of the gateway and then save the can-publish settings. It is important to set the can-subscribe settings before the can-publish settings and to set them in separate invocations of this function.
You can control the content of the events that are forwarded through the gateway by specifying a subscribe_filter. If event filtering by the gateway is not desired, the subscribe_filter member should be set to null. For more information of event filtering, see the webMethods Broker Client Java API Programmer’s Guide .
When porting applications from an earlier release, be sure to set the subscribe filter to either a valid value or to NULL.