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webMethods Broker Messaging Technology
webMethods Broker messaging technology supplies the underlying routing and distribution facility for transporting messages among JMS and C# clients. Messaging clients connect to each other through one or more Brokers.
The Broker is the messaging backbone of webMethods Broker messaging. It provides the infrastructure for implementing asynchronous, message-based solutions that are built on a publish-subscribe or point-to-point model.
The role of the Broker is to route documents between messaging clients that are information producers and messaging clients that are information consumers.
The Broker maintains a registry of document types that it recognizes. It also maintains a list of subscribers that are interested in receiving those types of documents. When the Broker receives a published document, it queues it for the subscribers of that document type. Subscribers retrieve documents from their queues. This action usually triggers an activity on the subscriber's system that processes the document.
For additional information about configuring and managing webMethods Broker messaging technology, see Administering webMethods Broker .