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Saving Administered Objects
The following summarizes how administered objects are stored by the two webMethods Broker messaging providers:
*JMS. Like all JMS providers, webMethods Broker used as a JMS provider stores administered objects in a standardized namespace using a Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) provider. Clients written for webMethods Broker used as a JMS provider can use one of several supported JNDI providers.
Take a backup of the Broker storage to avoid any data loss. For more information, see Administering webMethods Broker .
You can use webMethods Broker as a JNDI provider in the production environment for storing only the Broker administered objects such as connection factories, queues, and topics. For more information, see webMethods Naming Service for JMS: Configuration Settings and Properties.
*C#. Clients written for the webMethods Broker Client C# API that save their administered objects must bind them to an LDAP directory through JNDI. As such, only the Oracle JNDI LDAP Service Provider supports webMethods Broker C# clients.