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Adding Broker Servers to My webMethods
Adding an Individual Broker Server to My webMethods
Discovering Broker Servers on a Specified Broker Monitor Host Machine
Uploading a List of Broker Servers into My webMethods
To manage a Broker Server, you must "add" the Broker Server to your Broker Server List. This list identifies the set of Broker Servers that you want to manage. When you open the Broker user interface, it automatically connects to the Broker Servers specified in your Broker Server List and displays their status.
The Broker Server List you create is associated with your user account and appears only when you log on to My webMethods. Other administrators that use My webMethods to manage webMethods Broker must define their own Broker Server Lists.
You can add Broker Servers to your Broker Server List in the following ways:
*Specify the URL of an individual Broker Server.
*Discover all the Broker Servers on a specified host machine.
*Upload Broker Server definitions from a file.
After you add Broker Servers to your Broker Server List, you can optionally use the procedures in Configuring the Connection Parameters to specify the way in which you want the Broker user interface to connect to the Broker Servers.