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Accessing the Broker User Interface
How My webMethods Interacts with Broker Servers
To access the Broker user interface, you need the following:
*A Web browser.
*The URL of the My webMethods Server that hosts the Broker user interface.
*A user account on that My webMethods Server. Your account must have access privileges for the Messaging function.
Because My webMethods uses JavaScript, you must ensure that your Web browser is set up to allow JavaScript to execute. For more information about how to verify that your Web browser settings allow JavaScript, see the help for your Web browser.
The functionality available to you in the Broker user interface is based on the privileges assigned to your roles in My webMethods. If your roles do not have all Messaging privileges, the Broker user interface might not display pages required to perform some Broker actions. If a procedure instructs you to use an item that is not available, contact your system administrator about acquiring the proper privileges to allow you to perform the action.
*To access the Broker user interface
1. In your Web browser, enter the URL where My webMethods Server is hosted.
Example: atlas:8080
2. At the log on screen, enter your My webMethods user name and password and click Login. If you just installed My webMethods Server, you can use the default administrator account as follows:
For this parameter...
User Name
To keep My webMethods Server secure, you should immediately change the default administrator password after you install My webMethods Server. For instructions about how to change the password, see Administering My webMethods Server.
3. Click Messaging to access the Broker user interface.
*If this is the first time you have used the Broker user interface, the interface displays an empty Broker Server List. You must populate this list with the Broker Servers that you want to manage. For procedures, see Adding Broker Servers to My webMethods .
*If you have already populated the Broker Server List, the Broker user interface will connect to each Broker Server in the list and displays its status.