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Extending Access to Other Users
To enable other users to access the Broker user interface (that is, users who are not members of My webMethods Administrators), you must take the following general steps on the My webMethods Server.
You must be a member of My webMethods Administrators to perform these steps.
1. Define a role (or select an existing role) that represents the group of users who will be authorized to use the Broker user interface on this My webMethods Server.
2. Give this role access privileges to the Messaging function. If you want to restrict the role to certain activities within the Broker user interface, enable the specific Messaging subtasks that the users belonging to this role are permitted to perform.
3. To this role, add the users who will be permitted to use the Broker user interface.
4. For more information about creating roles and assigning access privileges to them, see the Administering My webMethods Server guide.