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Creating the Definitions File
*To create the definitions file
1. Use a text editor to create a file that identifies the Broker Servers that you want to add to your Broker Server List. For each Broker Server, identify the host computer on which the Broker Server runs and the port number to which it is assigned. If a Broker Server uses the default port, you can omit the port number. If the Broker Server is monitored by a Broker Monitor on a non-default port, you must specify the port. Separate each entry with a carriage return (as shown below), a comma, a space, a tab, or a semicolon.

HostMachineName1:Broker Server port
HostMachineName3:Broker Server port
HostMachineName5:Broker Server port, Broker Monitor Port
HostMachineName6, Broker
Monitor Port

For example:
london:8000, 6866
2. Save the file as an ASCII text file. When you save the file, be sure to do the following:
*Give the file a .txt extension. The file must have this extension for My webMethods to import it.
*Save the file to a location that you can access from your browser.