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The Broker
The webMethods Broker coordinates the exchange of events between client programs. To accomplish this complex task, the Broker:
*Queues all events that are published by Broker clients.
*Sends events to those clients which have subscribed to and are ready to receive the event.
*Provides various levels of reliable delivery of events through the use of event sequence numbers. Sequence numbers are described in Using Sequence Numbers.
*Provides event filtering services that allow Broker clients to selectively filter the events they will receive, based on event content. Filters are discussed in Using Event Filters.
*Maintains information on all event type definitions, which are defined with Designer. See the Software AG Designer Online Help for more information.
Note:Broker events are known as Broker document types in Designer.
*Maintains information about client groups, which define event publication permissions, event subscription permissions, network access control, and client event queue characteristics for Broker clients in each group. See Administering webMethods Broker for details on client groups.
*Maintains an event queue and client state information for each Broker client that has been created.
*Maintains a dead letter queue, in which it retains events for which it has no subscribers.