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Selecting JNDI Assets for Export
You select and export the JMS destinations (JMS queues and JMS topics) created by webMethods JNDI providers using My webMethods. For each JNDI context selected for export, Broker creates a separate XML file for storing the exported JNDI assets.
*To select the JMS queues and JMS topics of a JNDI context for export
1. In My webMethods: Administration > Messaging > Naming Directories > Providers.
2. Click JNDI Export. The JNDI destinations belonging to the webMethods JNDI providers are displayed in the Providers > JNDI Export page.
3. If a JNDI destination does not appear in the list, use the search functionality to locate it. Export the JNDI destinations of one Provider at a time. The JNDI destinations list is refreshed each time you select a provider from the Provider Name list.
4. In the JNDI destinations list, select the JNDI destinations you want to export.
5. Click Add To Export. The selected JNDI destination is added to Export JNDI Assets list in the right panel.
6. Click Add All To Export if you want to select all the JNDI destinations listed for export.
7. If you do not want to export a JNDI destination listed for export, click Remove to remove that JNDI destination from the export list.
8. If you do not want to export any of the JNDI destinations listed for export, click Remove All. All the JNDI destinations selected for export will be cleared from the export summary. You must select the JNDI destinations again if you want to export later.
9. Click Export JNDI Assets.
a. Specify the filename for storing the exported asset.
b. Specify the location to save the .xml file containing the exported asset and the corresponding dependencies. You have the following options:
*Download to Browser (streams the exported file to the browser). Use this option if My webMethods Server is part of a cluster. Otherwise, you might not know on which My webMethods Server instance the exported assets are stored.
*Export to My webMethods Server. Use this option for large files. Downloading large files to a browser may take a long time.
The XML file of the exported JNDI context will be compressed in a .zip file and stored in the My webMethods Server_directory \MWS\broker\acdl\user directory. For information about how to build the assets using the XML source file, see Building Assets for Deployment.