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Building a Production System Using Export and Import
You can use the export and import capability to generate a Broker production system from a development system. Saving a Broker development system's metadata to one or more ADL files, and importing the metadata to their desired locations in your network, accelerates the process of putting your Broker system into production. A high-level road map for this process involves the following steps:
1. Decide on a design for the Broker production system; then, decide the levels of the Broker development system to replicate.
2. Depending on the scale and design of your Broker development system, select whether to export metadata for a specific territory or for the objects belonging to a Broker Server. If necessary, select the subsets of objects and configuration data you want to save. Export the metadata from each individual Broker in the system.
3. Use My webMethods to export the Broker objects to an ADL file. Repeat the process as many times as necessary until all the Broker objects you want to retain are replicated.
4. Use My webMethods to import the Broker objects to the Broker environment that will contain the production system. Specify the import objects' target locations, and then begin importing the ADL files. Repeat the process as many times as necessary.
5. If necessary, perform any reconfiguration work on the Broker objects that were just replicated.
You can rename territories, as well as Broker Servers and Brokers imported into a different territory. However, you cannot rename the lower-level objects such as client groups, clients, and document types.