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Importing Territories
You can import metadata about a Broker territory and its dependent objects in the format of an XML file.
*To import a territory
1. In My webMethods: Messaging > Broker Territories > Territories.
2. On the Territories page, click Import.
3. On the Territory Import page, check to see whether the export file content is listed. If the file is not listed, do the following:
a. Click Upload File.
b. On the Import Territory page, click Browse and select the XML file to import.
c. Click Upload.
4. In the Territory Import list, locate the territory whose metadata you want to import.
If you want to select dependent objects to include or exclude, expand the node for the territory and any dependent nodes, and then check the appropriate boxes.
5. The Target Object column provides links that allow you to set or change the location of the imported metadata for the data specified by the row.
*If the text in the Target column for the territory reads No target specified, specify a location for the import operation by first clicking Change Target.
*If a location is already specified, changing the location is optional.
6. If you selected Change Target, do one of the following on the Territory Import Broker Target page:
*If the Broker Server and Broker to which you are importing the metadata already exist, select the Select Broker tab and select a Target Server Name and Target Broker Name from their respective lists. Click OK.
*If the Broker to which you are importing the metadata is new, select the New Broker tab, select a Target Server Name, and type the name of the new Target Broker Name. Click OK.
Then, on the Territory Import page, reselect the objects to import.
7. Click Import.