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The pubNetAddr Envelope Field
This read-only envelope field is set by Broker and contains the IP address and port number of the event's publisher. This field supports IPv6 addresses in the string format.
Prior to the string format, the pubNetAddr Envelope field was six-byte long, where the first four bytes represented IPv4 address in the network byte-order, and the last two bytes represented the port in the network byte-order.
To retrieve the IP address in the old six-byte format, set the pub-net-address-in-deprecated-format configuration parameter to 1 in the Broker configuration file (awbroker.cfg). By default, pub-net-address-in-deprecated-format = 0, where the IP address is retrieved in the string format.
The presence of the pubNetAddr Envelope field is controlled by the Broker configuration file. This envelope field is disabled by default, by you can enable it using the following steps:
1. Edit the Broker configuration file and add the following line:
2. Save the configuration file.
3. Restart the Broker Server.
This will enable the pubNetAddr envelope field for all Brokers within the Broker Server.
For complete information on the Broker configuration file, see Administering webMethods Broker .