Broker 10.5 | webMethods Broker Documentation | webMethods Broker Client Java API Programmer's Guide | Creating and Initializing Events | Overview
This chapter describes the webMethods Broker objects and methods for creating BrokerEvents and setting their field values. Reading this chapter will help you understand:
*Event types and event names.
*Event fields, including regular fields, sequence fields and structure fields.
*How to create a BrokerEvent object.
*How to set event field values.
*How to obtain the value from an event field.
*Event envelope fields.
*How to set and obtain envelope fields.
*How to quickly populate a BrokerEvent object's fields from a storage object you define.
*How to quickly populate a storage object you define with the field values from a BrokerEvent object.
*How to improve performance by creating BrokerEvent objects that use storage classes.