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Standard webMethods Tools for Administered Objects
*If you prefer working in the command line or you want to create batch files to automatically execute sets of commands, use the JMSAdmin command-line tool.
For example, you can write a batch file of JMS or C# administrative commands that automatically creates numerous connection factories and destinations. If you were to use My webMethods instead, you would have to manually create one object at a time via the user interface, which is more time consuming.
*If you prefer using a graphical user-interface, use My webMethods.
With My webMethods, you can manage JMS and C# administered objects using standard controls on a web page. This tool provides the best views and the easiest methods for creating, modifying, and assigning permissions to JMS administered objects. In addition, you can display lists of messaging objects and their properties, which you can sort and filter. Many other webMethods applications are also accessible through My webMethods.