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Working with Administered Objects
Because the tools used to manage administered objects are implementation dependent, the webMethods product suite supplies its own tools for its JMS and C# administered objects. These tools are described below.
JMSAdmin command-line tool
This tool is an interpreter that uses command syntax to manage administered objects for both JMS and C# clients. This administrative tool is run from the command line; administrative commands can be executed one at a time or stored in a text file and executed in batch mode.
For more information, see The JMSAdmin Command-Line Tool, which explains how to use the tool, and JMSAdmin Command Reference, which lists the JMSAdmin commands, their parameters, and their syntax and provides examples.
My webMethods user interface
This user interface includes selections for creating, viewing, modifying, and assigning attributes and permissions to JMS and C# administered objects, information about their JNDI providers, and the Broker addresses associated with the objects.
For information about JNDI naming directories and using My webMethods to configure JMS and C# administered objects, see Administering webMethods Broker . The Broker part of the My webMethods user interface is also referred to as the Broker admin component.
JMS factory API (JMS only)
This API allows you to create connection factories and destinations for JMS without using JNDI.
The webMethods Java package com.webmethods.jms contains the JMS factory class WmJMSFactory.
If you use this class, you can create the connection factories and destinations at run time (in the JMS client code) rather than administratively. However, the code used to create the administrative objects is not portable and cannot be used with other JMS providers.
Broker Client C# API (C# only)
The MsgFactory API allows you to create connection factories and destinations for C# clients.
For more information about the webMethods API for JMS, see webMethods Broker API for JMS Reference . For more information about the C# API, see webMethods Broker C# Client API Reference . Both references are available on the Software AG Documentation website at It is not included in this programming guide.