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Use the server_conf_restore utility to restore the Broker Server metadata from a file that you created using server_conf_backup. To use this utility, you must first reinitialize the existing Broker Server's queue storage files. For procedures, see Restoring a Separate Storage Configuration.
server_conf_restore datadir backupFile [-o] [-v] [-b blockSize]
The location of the Broker Server's data directory.
The name of the file where the backup is stored.
The backup files generated by the server_conf_backup command utility are zip files. Therefore, the server_conf_restore command will look for a zip file extension, even if you do not specify the ".zip" extension in your filename.
When copying the contents of the backup zip files into the destination directory, the "-o" option instructs server_conf_restore to overwrite any existing configuration storage files with the backed up ones. If you do not specify "-o" then the server_conf_restore utility will prompt you for permission to overwrite any existing files.
Verbose mode. Prints out information about the progress and completion of the backup.
-b blockSize
The size of the blocks that server_conf_restore will use when writing all of the configuration data storage files.
server_conf_restore /var/opt/webMethods/awbrokersversion/default
var/backups/ -o