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The server_conf_backup command creates a zip file that the server_conf_restore utility later uses to restore the metadata for a Broker Server. When the server_conf_backup command creates the backup zip file, it captures the absolute paths to the configuration data file(s).
This utility can be used while Broker Server is running.
This utility can only be used with Broker Servers that use separate storage sessions. If you have a combined queue-storage session, you must use the file system's copy command as described on Backing Up a Combined Storage Configuration or use the export and import feature to back up and restore the Broker Server's metadata. For more information about import and export, see Managing Client Groups.
For information about using this command, see Backing Up a Separate Storage Configuration.
server_conf_backup backupFile [-h hostname:port] [-k keystore –p password
–t truststore] [-bu basic-auth-user -bp basic-auth-password] [-e] [-o] [-v]
[-b blockSize]
The fully qualified name of the file in which to store the backup data.
*The utility automatically adds the .zip extension if you do not include it in the file name.
*The directory you specify must already exist.
*If the file already exists, you must use the -o switch to overwrite it. Otherwise, the backup will be cancelled.
-h hostname:port
The hostname and base port of the server you want to back up. The default is localhost:6849. Use this option to specify other Broker Servers on the local machine.
You cannot back up Broker Servers that reside on other hosts. This utility operates only on the local machine.
-k keystore
-p password
-t truststore
-bu basic-auth-user
-bp basic-auth-password
The authentication parameters needed to access the Broker Server if it is secured with an ACL.
*keystore. The name of the file containing the user SSL certificate.
*password.The password for the keystore file.
*truststore. The name of the file containing the trusted root of the user SSL certificate.
*basic-auth-user. The user name for basic authentication.
*basic-auth-password. The password for the basic authentication user.
Turns on encryption to the Broker Server.
If backupFile already exists, you must use this switch to overwrite it.
Verbose mode. Prints out information about the progress and completion of the backup.