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Backup and Restore Utilities
The following utilities are used to backup and restore the queue storage files associated with a Broker Server's configuration session. These utility programs reside in webMethods Broker_directory /bin.
Creates a backup file containing the metadata for a Broker Server.
Restores the metadata from a backup file created by server_conf_backup.
The backup/restore feature only helps to recover corruption of the Broker Server's configuration session. It does not recover corrupted or uncorrupted Broker Server's run-time data storage. It is highly risky to restore the Broker Server's configuration data storage without removing its run-time data storage because of potential data inconsistencies between the two storage sessions. As a result, you must reinitialize the existing run-time data storage files during the recovery process.
For information about using the backup and restore utilities, see Backing Up and Restoring a Broker Server .