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Use the broker_start utility to start a Broker Server.
To use this utility, the Broker Monitor must be running on the machine where the Broker Server resides. This utility waits up to 20 seconds for the Broker Server to start. When the Broker Server takes more than a second to start, you get a status update on the command line. For information about starting a Broker Server, see Starting Broker Server .
broker_start [-h] [server[:port]] [-monitor_port port] [-timeout timeout]
Displays a usage message.
Specifies the name of the Broker Server you want to start. If you omit the Broker Server name, the Broker Server on the local host is assumed. If you omit the port number, the default port 6849 is assumed.
[-monitor_port port]
Specifies the port number you want to use for the Broker Monitor port. You must specify the port number when you have Broker Monitor running on a non-default port (that is, a port other than 6850), or when multiple Broker Monitors are running on the same machine. If you do not specify a port number, the default Broker Monitor port, 6850, is assumed.
[-timeout timeout]
Specifies the maximum time in seconds the "Starting..." message is displayed at the command prompt. If the broker_start utility completes before the timeout time elapses, the "Started." message is displayed at the command prompt. If the timeout time elapses before the completion of the broker_start utility, the broker_start operation continues in the background and returns the command prompt.