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Use the broker_save utility to save Broker configuration information for a specified Broker to a file. Document types, client groups, and clients are always included in the saved file.
broker_save [-h] [-broker] [-server] [-native] output_file
[[--] [broker@]server[:port]] [-idhelp] [id_options] [-timeout timeout]
Displays a usage message.
Includes the Broker's configuration in the saved file. The configuration information includes: description, territory, and any gateways. The default is to exclude it from the file.
Includes the Broker Server's SSL configuration and logging options in the save file. The default is to exclude them from the file.
Writes Unicode characters using the native file format.
Absolute path of the file in which the information is saved.
Allows the Broker name to start with the character -.
Specifies the name of the Broker Server (and, optionally, the Broker and port number) from which to save the Broker information. If you omit the Broker name, the default Broker is assumed.
Displays a usage message for the [id_options] listed below.
Provide identification needed for administrative access to the Broker if the Broker is protected by an Access Control List (ACL).
-entrust uses entrust as the SSL provider. Default is JSSE.
-keystore filename specifies the name of the file containing the user SSL certificate.
-password password specifies the password for the keystore file.
-truststore filename specifies the name of the file containing the trusted root of the user SSL certificate.
-noencrypt specifies to not use encryption for the connection. By default, every connection using a certificate is encrypted.
-basicauthuser username specifies the user name for basic authentication. If you specify -basicauthuser, you must also specify -basicauthpassword.
-basicauthpassword password specifies the password for the basic authentication user. If you specify -basicauthpassword, you must also specify -basicauthuser.
[-timeout timeout]
Specifies the timeout time in seconds for the API calls made by the broker_save utility. If any of these API calls to the Broker Server do not complete before the specified time, a time-out exception is thrown by the broker_save utility.
In your configuration, there are Broker Servers Alpha (for Brokers named BrokerA and BrokerB) and Beta (for Brokers named BrokerC and BrokerD). To save a configuration file for each server and each Broker in the configuration, use:
For Broker Servers:
broker_save -server alpha.adl Alpha
broker_save -server beta.adl Beta
The above commands save the configuration of Apha Broker Server in alpha.adl file, and the configuration of Beta Broker Server in beta.adl file.
For saving Brokers:
broker_save -broker A.adl BrokerA@Alpha
broker_save -broker B.adl BrokerB@Alpha
broker_save -broker C.adl BrokerC@Beta
broker_save -broker D.adl BrokerD@Beta
The above commands save the configuration of BrokerA, BrokerB, BrokerC, and BrokerD in A.adl, B.adl, C.adl, and D.adl files respectively.