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Use the broker_load utility to import metadata from an ADL file.
If the import file contains a new SSL configuration, you may need to stop and restart the Broker Server for the configuration to take effect. In such cases, broker_load prompts for whether or not you want to stop and restart the Broker Server at that time. Also, if the import file does not contain the password for the keystore file, you are prompted for it.
The broker_load program divides large files into 2 MB parts. The parts are then imported sequentially to the Broker and reassembled. If an error occurs during this process, some document types may still be loaded. That is, the file may be partially loaded if an error occurs and the Broker is left in a partially updated state.
broker_load [-h] input_file [-force] [-merge] [-write output_file]
[[--] [broker@]server[:port]] [-idhelp] [id_options] [-timeout timeout]
Displays a usage message.
Specifies the file you saved the Broker configuration information to using the broker_save command.
Causes the utility to bypass error checking.
-write output_file
Writes a copy of the definitions in the input file to the specified output file using the latest revision of the export file format. If no output file is specified, the only output is syntax errors.
Allows the Broker name to start with the character -.
Specifies the name of the Broker Server (and, optionally, the Broker and the port number) on which to load the Broker information. If you omit the Broker name, the default Broker is assumed. If you omit the Broker Server, only syntax checking is performed on the file.
Displays a usage message for the [id_options] listed below.
Provides identification needed for administrative access to the Broker if the Broker is protected by an Access Control List (ACL).
-entrust uses entrust as the SSL provider. Default is JSSE.
-keystore filename specifies the name of the file containing the user SSL certificate.
-password password specifies the password for the keystore file.
-truststore filename specifies the name of the file containing the trusted root of the user SSL certificate.
-noencrypt specifies to not use encryption for the connection. By default, every connection using a certificate is encrypted.
-basicauthuser username specifies the user name for basic authentication. If you specify -basicauthuser, you must also specify -basicauthpassword.
-basicauthpassword password specifies the password for the basic authentication user. If you specify -basicauthpassword, you must also specify -basicauthuser.
Merges non-system document types on import. To use -merge, the document types must have the same name.
Note:broker_load returns an error message if the two documents have the same field names but different field types.
[-timeout timeout]
Specifies the timeout time in seconds for the API calls made by the broker_load utility. If any of these API calls to the Broker Server do not complete before the specified time, a time-out exception is thrown by the broker_load utility.