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Set RecoverMode
Changes the Broker recover mode for recovery of pending transactions.
set recoverMode [ ={ global | restricted } ]
Use this command when working with XA transactions and an application server.
The recover mode deals with the recovery of XA transactions that were marked as pending, but did not execute because of a system problem.
By default, recoverMode is set to a value of restricted. This setting means that a call to the XAResource's recover method returns only those pending transactions in which the current Broker client participated.
A setting of global means that a call to the XAResource returns all the pending transactions within the Broker, not just those transactions in which the client making the request participated.
Issuing this command without a parameter displays the current recoverMode setting.
The following command sets the recover mode to global:
\> set recoverMode = global
The following command displays the value of the current recoverMode setting:
\> set recoverMode