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Grants publish and subscribe permission for one or more topics to groups, or send and receive permissions for one or more queues to groups.
permit group groupName [to] { subscribe | publish } (topic-names)+
permit group groupName [to] send [ to ] (queue-names)+
permit group groupName [to] receive [ from ] (queue-names)+
The topic-names specify the actual topic names, not the JNDI lookup names.
For information about client group can-publish and can-subscribe lists, see Administering webMethods Broker .
The following command sequence connects to the Broker, creates three topics (document types) on the Broker, and then does the following:
*Grants publish permission for Test::Topics::T1 and Test::Topics::T3 to the client group Publishers.
*Grants subscribe permissions for Test::Topics::T2 to the client group Subscribers.
*Explicitly grants publish permission for Test::Topics::T2 to the Auditors client group.
> connect broker "Test JMS Broker" server testserver
> create topics Test::Topics::T1 Test::Topics::T2 Test::Topics::T3
> permit group Publishers to publish Test::Topics::T1::Topics::T3
> permit group Subscribers to subscribe Test::Topics::T2
> permit group Auditors to subscribe Test::Topics::T2
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