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Executes JMSAdmin commands contained in a file.
import from filename [ with encoding={ charset-name | default } ]
Use the import command to execute a script file or batch file of JMSAdmin commands. The import command can work with any JMSAdmin commands.
The filename must be specified in the syntax of the operating system in which JMSAdmin is running. You can nest import commands arbitrarily deep (depth is limited only by available memory).
When specifying filename using Windows-notation (that is, using a backslash character (\) as the directory separator), enclose the entire path in quotes as shown in the first example below.
The import command works the same as running JMSAdmin with the -f switch. For more information, see Start-up Options.
The import command is often used with the export command, which creates a script file; however, export only produces JMSAdmin bind commands, whereas import can execute a file of any JMSAdmin commands.
\> import from "c:\JMS Definitions\TestSystem.dat"
\> import from /jmsDefinitions/TestSystem
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