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Create Topic
Creates the supporting Broker document types for topics.
create { topic | topics } ( topic-name )+
create { topic | topics } for { ( lookup-name )+ | * }
You must establish a connection to the Broker before using this command.
The first form creates the document type using the topic-name that is specified; it should be a document type name and can include document type scopes.
The second form creates the document types for the topic bound to JNDI by lookup-name. If you specify an asterisk (*) for lookup-name, all topics in the current context have their corresponding document types created.
The following command sequence connects to the Broker and creates the topics Acme::JMS::Topics::OrderReceivedandAcme::JMS::Topics::OrderInquiry:
> connect broker "Test JMS Broker" server testserver
> create topic Acme::JMS::Topics::OrderReceived::Topics::T2
> create topic Acme::JMS::Topics::OrderInquiry
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