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Create Broker
Creates a new Broker on the specified Broker Server. When you create Brokers, the JMS client groups (IS-JMS, JMSClient, and EventMembers) and Broker objects (JMS::Temporary::Queue, JMS::Temporary::Topic, Event::WebM::EventSubscriptionMgmt::SubscriptionChange, and Event::WebM::Deployment) are created by default.
By default, the "can-publish" and "can-subscribe" permissions for Broker objects:
*JMS::Temporary::Queue andJMS::Temporary::Topic are assigned to IS-JMS and JMSClient.
*Event::WebM::EventSubscriptionMgmt::SubscriptionChange is assigned to EventMembers.
create [ default ] broker broker-name [ on server[:port] ]
The command syntax has these parts:
Optional. If you specify this parameter, the new Broker is designated as the default Broker on the specified server.
Required. The name of the new Broker on the Broker Server. Broker names must agree with the following rules:
*The first character cannot be a pound sign (#).
*The name cannot contain the at sign (@), forward slash ( /), or colon (:).
*The name cannot exceed 255 bytes.
*If the name contains a space, enclose broker-name in quotes.
Optional. The name of the Broker Server.
If you omit this parameter, JMSAdmin will attempt to create a Broker on the Broker Server running on localhost.
Optional. The port number for the default Broker Server.
If you omit this parameter, JMSAdmin will use port 6849 when creating the new Broker.
JMSAdmin automatically connects to the new Broker when this command completes.
The following command sequence creates a Broker, initializes that Broker, and then ends the connection:
> create broker "JMS Broker #6" on testserver:8849
> initialize broker
> disconnect
The following command creates a Broker called JMS Broker #6 on the Broker Server running on localhost at port 6849:
\> create broker "JMS Broker #6"
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