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JMSAdmin Command Syntax
Following are some basic rules of JMSAdmin command syntax:
Case sensitivity
JMSAdmin commands are not case sensitive.
Command forms
Some command names have long and short forms. For example, you can execute the copy command as either copy or cp.
White space
Spaces and tab characters are considered white space.
You can use empty lines in a command sequence to increase readability, such as in a batch file.
Use of quotes
If a parameter value is a keyword used by JMSAdmin, or contains spaces or special characters, enclose the value in single or double quotes (for example, "My Directory", "$$NewVariableVal", and 'QueueConnectionFactory').
Continuation character
You can use the hyphen (-) at the end of a line as a continuation character.
The following code fragment shows the use of a hyphen as a continuation character:
bind cf publicCF with -
brokerHost=$bHost -
Multiple commands
You can place multiple commands on a single line if the commands are separated by semicolons (;).
The maximum length of a command line is limited only by the constraints of your operating environment.
Single-line comments are indicated by the pound-sign character (#), as shown in the following example:
# This sequence creates a context at the top level
# and switches to the new context.
create context TestContext # Creates the new context.