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Modes of Operation
JMSAdmin is a command interpreter that you use with webMethods clients for JMS and C#. When you start JMSAdmin, it opens a session that accepts and executes commands.
You can use the command-line tool in either of two modes, described in the following table. For information on the flags and syntax used for these modes of operation, see Start-up Options.
Invoke JMSAdmin from a command prompt and execute administrative commands one at a time. After JMSAdmin successfully completes a command (or sequence of commands) and displays any status messages, you can enter another command. If the command was unsuccessful, error information is displayed.
When you use JMSAdmin interactively, a session does not terminate until you explicitly end it with an end or quit command.
Invoke JMSAdmin against a batch file containing a sequence of JMSAdmin commands. When you use JMSAdmin in batch mode, you do not need to explicitly terminate a session.
This mode is useful if you need to enter a large number of commands and plan to use the same command sequence numerous times.