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Managing Contexts
JNDI divides its namespace into hierarchical contexts. The JNDI context structure is similar to the directory structure in a file system. A context can contain subcontexts which themselves can contain additional subcontexts.
The root context in the namespace within which JMSAdmin operates is referred to as the initial context. You specify the initial context for JNDI by setting the java.naming.provider.url property in the properties file. JMSAdmin uses this setting to locate the JNDI server and to position itself at its starting point (its initial context) within the server's namespace.
Within the initial context, you can use JMSAdmin commands to create subcontexts. To navigate among the contexts in the namespace, you execute the JMSAdmin change context command. Like a file system, you can switch contexts using absolute or relative path notation. Here are some examples:
change context /JAZZ/inventoryIn # absolute path
change context receipts/arrivalNotice # relative path (down)
change context ../../inventoryOut # relative path (up)