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Client-Side Failover vs. High-Availability (HA) Clustering
Broker High-Availability (HA) clustering is another failover solution available through Software AG. Compared with Broker client-side failover, Broker High-Availability (HA) clustering is a "true" server-side clustering solution requiring the deployment of shared-storage hardware and clustering software. By contrast, Broker client-side failover is a software solution: no specialized hardware is required for its deployment.
If a clustered Broker Server (or machine hosting a clustered Broker Server) experiences an outage, the failover software directs the "backup" clustered machine, also connected to the same storage as the primary machine, to take control. Because the clustered failover machine is typically a backup, HA clustering is an active-passive clustering solution. On the other hand, JMS client-side failover is an active-active failover.