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Enabling Transaction Logging
By default, the logging for one-phase commit (1PC) local transactions is disabled. To enable the transaction logging, in the file, set the provider-specific property com.webmethods.jms.cluster.log1PC to specify the log file.
If the com.webmethods.jms.cluster.log1PCproperty is not set, the transaction details are not logged.
For more information on setting the properties, see Properties Specific to webMethods Broker Used as a JMS Provider in Introduction to webMethods Broker Messaging.
The format of the transaction logs is as follows:
2009-09-16 14:59:14
PREPARING 202 Broker2@localhost:6949
PREPARED 202 Broker2@localhost:6949
PREPARING 13007 Broker #1@localhost:6849
PREPARED 13007 Broker #1@localhost:6849
COMMITING 202 Broker2@localhost:6949
COMMITED 202 Broker2@localhost:6949
COMMITING 13007 Broker #1@localhost:6849
COMMITED 13007 Broker #1@localhost:6849
2009-09-16 14:59:31
PREPARING 13011 Broker #1@localhost:6849
PREPARED 13011 Broker #1@localhost:6849
PREPARING 206 Broker2@localhost:6949
PREPARED 206 Broker2@localhost:6949
COMMITING 13011 Broker #1@localhost:6849
COMMITED 13011 Broker #1@localhost:6849
COMMITING 206 Broker2@localhost:6949
COMMITED 206 Broker2@localhost:6949