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Sharing Client State
Event Processing with Shared Client State
By-Publisher Event Ordering
Event Processing without Ordering
The webMethods Broker system allows Broker clients in different applications to share the same client state. Sharing client state allows several Broker clients, possibly executing on different hosts, to handle events in a parallel, first-come, first-served basis. This provides both parallel processing and load balancing for event handling.
One use for state sharing is to load balance event flows. If you have an application that processes request events, you might want to have several instances of the application available to process these requests.
Broker clients sharing the same client state are treated as one Broker client with regard to the state they are sharing. Any changes to the event subscriptions or event queue, such as clearing the queue, will affect all of the clients sharing the state.
Shared state clients are not useful unless they are receiving events from more than one publisher.