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Broker Connection Descriptors
Creating Connection Descriptors
Obtaining a Client's Connection Descriptor
Copying Connection Descriptors
Destroying Connection Descriptors
Automatic Reconnection
Sharing Connections
Sharing Client State
State Sharing Functions
Enabling SSL Features
The attributes of the connection between a Broker client and a Broker are defined by the BrokerConnectionDescriptor. The connection descriptor can be used to control these connection attributes:
*Enables or disables the automatic reconnection of a Broker client in the case where the connection to the Broker is lost.
*Enables or disables the sharing of a network connection by more than one Broker client. Only Broker clients located within the same process may share a Broker connection.
*Enables or disables the sharing of client state by multiple Broker clients.
*Controls the use of the secure sockets layer (SSL) for authentication and encryption (described in Managing Event Types).
You must create a BrokerConnectionDescriptor and set its attributes before you use it to create or reconnect a Broker client. Changing the attributes of a connection descriptor will not affect the Broker client currently using the descriptor, but it will affect any subsequent uses of the descriptor.