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webMethods Broker C# Messaging Library
webMethods C# messaging clients must reference the dynamic-link library (DLL) webmethods.msg.dll, which implements the C# API. Make sure that the Samples solution contains that reference; if not, use the menu Project > Add Reference to add the C# library to the solution in Visual Studio.
The following figure shows the Visual Studio Solution Explorer with the Samples solution and webMethods C# library installed. The CreateConnection(string, string) method of IConnectionFactory from the C# library is displayed in the Object Browser. In addition, the following references from the Receiver application are called out and highlighted in gray:
*The C# compression interface library ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib
*The standard logging utility log4net
*The C# API library webMethods.msg
Visual Studio Object Browser View of IConnectionFactory and CreateConnection(string, string)