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Administrative Setup Commands
Creating the Administered Objects
Assigning Group Permissions
Before running the C# samples, you can bind the administered objects to LDAP and create the objects. Use the JMSAdmin command-line utility to perform these bind and create operations (see JMSAdmin Command Reference). To determine which objects to bind and create, view the sample code and examine the command-line arguments for Main(), which include the look-up commands.
When binding the connection factories for the server and requestor applications, use the optional with keyword with the group parameter to create their respective Broker client groups. Creating client groups on the Broker is necessary so that access permissions can subsequently be granted to the groups.
bind cf myServerFactory with group=myServerGroup
bind cf myRequestorFactory with group=myRequestorGroup
Note how the bind commands are issued for a generic connection factory object, which corresponds to the use of generic connection factory objects specified in the server-requestor application code (that is, the type of factories are resolved at run time).