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Status Messages Logged by Broker Monitor
Broker Monitor maintains a log file in which it records the following events for the Broker Servers that it monitors:
*Broker Server is launched (by Broker Monitor).
*Broker Server exits unexpectedly.
*Broker Server is stopped by an administrative action.
On Windows, this information is also written to the Windows event log and can be viewed through the Windows Event Viewer (for example, Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer).
On UNIX, the information is written by the syslog daemon. To understand the syslog daemon configuration and to determine the location of the log file, see the man page of "syslogd" for AIX, Solaris and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, or the man page of "syslog-ng" for SUSE Enterprise Server.
For information about viewing the log information generated by Broker Monitor and Broker Servers, see The Broker Server Log.