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Viewing the Port Setting for Broker Monitor
The port setting for Broker Monitor is a parameter in the Broker Monitor configuration file, awbrokermon.cfg. You can view the port setting by examining the monitor-port value in the configuration file with a text editor. If the port value is empty, then port 6850 is used.
On a Windows machine, you can also view the Broker Monitor port setting in the service name. Windows lists the Broker Monitor services in the following format:
Software AG Broker Monitor version (port_number) (instance_number)
*version is the version of webMethods Broker.
*port_number is the Broker Monitor port specified in the awbrokermon.cfg file.
*instance_number is the serial number of the Broker Monitor instance when multiple installations of Broker Server and Broker Monitor are running. Windows does not display the instance_number for the first instance of the Broker Monitor service. Subsequent instances of the service are numbered starting from (2).