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Stopping Broker Monitor on Windows
When you stop Broker Monitor, you will also stop all the Broker Servers that it is monitoring. If you want to stop an individual Broker Server, see Stopping Broker Server .
Perform one of the following to stop Broker Monitor on Windows:
*Run the shutdown script.
*Stop the Broker Monitor service.
*To stop Broker Monitor manually on Windows using the shutdown utility
1. Navigate to the webMethods Broker_directory \bin directory.
2. Run the following command:
Stops all the Broker Servers being monitored by the Broker Monitor, and then stops the Broker Monitor.
*To stop Broker Monitor service manually on Windows
1. From the Start menu, open Services as follows:
Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services
This command sequence varies by Windows version. If the sequence above does not work for your version, consult Windows help for the correct command.
2. Right-click the Software AG  Broker Monitor  version (port_number) (instance_number) service and click Stop.
3. Click Yes to confirm that you want to stop the Broker Servers that Broker Monitor is monitoring.